Why You Should Have a Personal Website

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By: Kyla Coan

Hey Hardrockers!

So I am sure you are wondering why you as a student need a personal website, or what a personal website is even used for, so let’s break it down.

A personal website for a student is a great tool to put everything that you couldn’t include in your resume and more! Think you cover letter, letters of recommendation, more information on past job experience, references, and even a bit more information on yourself! A personal website can act as a great supplemental to your resume, which is why I think every student should have one.

I used Wix.com to create my personal website, because it was free and and offered a lot of customization.

They have the option to either use their AI to create your own website, or to use pre-created formats that you can personalize to some degree, I chose to work with their AI, and while my website isn’t finished yet, I am really excited to finish it up and have it ready for people to see!

If you decide to create your own website here are some helpful hints of what to include!

  1. A Bit About You, this should be information that you can’t put on a resume, but that you might put on a CV. My section talks about growing up overseas, and some of hobbies outside of school.
  2. Experience, this section gives you a chance to expand on the experiences you have on you resume, because resumes only have so much space.
  3. References, if you can get in contact with any of your references and ask them to write a shirt blurb about you for you website that would be great! If not, just feel free to list their contact information.
  4. Contact, I know that you gave them your information on your resume, but its always smart to include this section.
  5. Pictures! Try to include at least one professional head shot on your about you page, and then use at least 1 picture for each experience.

College Girl Life: Weekend Playlist!

By: Kyla Coan

Hey Hardrockers!

I am sure I am not the only one who is really looking forward to this weekend! Its been a long week, and I am looking forward to a fun night and a fun Saturday! With that in mind I wanted to share my weekend playlist!

Body Like A Back Road -Sam Hunt

I LOVE this song, its catchy, and fun and body positive!

Salute- Little Mix

2 words- GIRL POWER!

Wiggle- Jason Derulo

I can’t not dance to this song

Me Too- Megan Trainor

The level of sass in this song speaks to me on a spiritual level

Closer- Chainsmokers ft. Halsey


How She Rolls- Chase Rice

This song brings out my confidence to just do me “that how she rocks, and that’s how she rolls.”

Starving- Hailee Steinfeld and Grey ft. Zedd

Love to listen to this on car rides with Cody, its got such a good sound!

Shout Out to My Ex- Little Mix

This one is fun for when I’m having a girls night, because most of my fellow ladies can relate to the sentiment of this song and we can’t help but sign along!

How Far I’ll Go- Moana Soundtrack

Not even sorry I am so addicted to this song

You’re Welcome- Moana Soundtrack

See above

Just Like Fire- P!nk

Another girl power song that I totally live for!

Snapback- Old Dominion

This song never fails to get in a great mood!

There are plenty more, but these are some of my current favorites! I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!

Sometimes You Just Have a Bad Day, and That’s Okay

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By Lydia Ford

Hey, Hardrockers!

So we’re almost at the end of the 2016-2017 school year, which is great, but that also means we are getting down to the nitty-gritty of classes. This being said, it’s at that point in the semester where it’s too late to drop that class you’re struggling in, but it’s just about too late to bring up your grade as well. On top of your scholastic responsibilities, you have your other obligations, whether those are work, family, friends, or a number of other things that can weigh down on you. Maybe the realization has recently struck you that you’re a full-grown adult, and you don’t know how to balance a checkbook or do your taxes. And sometimes, the weight of the world catches up to you and negatively affects your attitude and mood, and sometimes, that’s okay. The moods of myself and the people around me have recently turned a little sour, and I’m here to give you some pointers on how to have a bad day, but not a bad life.

  • Don’t take your hurt feelings or exhaustion out on those you care about

This pointer is GOLDEN. Recently, I have noticed that I’ve been a little snappy with my best friend, roommates, and family. This is detrimental because these are the people who are always here for me, and who are always there to try to help me through rough patches. Rather than getting upset because, say, your roommate forgot to buy toilet paper or because your mom is questioning if you made a sound purchase on Craigslist, just take a breath and try to see things from their perspective instead of getting defensive or angry. Just because you’ve had a bad day, doesn’t mean you have to make it worse for yourself or for those around you.

  • Take some time to do something that makes you happy

For instance, my day yesterday was filled with mishaps and poor tempers both from and affecting me. However, at the end of my evening, I took time to do something that made me happy; I lit my favorite scented candle in my room and watched a new series on Netflix that my friends have been telling me to watch (13 Reasons Why). I used this time to reflect on my day, and remember that my day was just one sour day in a very good life.

I hope that these pointers can help you get in a better mood, even if today’s events have left much to be desired. It’s okay to have bad days sometimes, as long as you don’t let the bad days define your entire life and who you are. Remember, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

College Girl Life: Moving Tips and Tricks!


By: Kyla Coan

Hey Hardrockers!

So this week I am starting the arduous process of packing up my apartment, because I am moving into a new place with my long-time boyfriend Cody at the beginning of May (May 1st to be exact). This of course means that I had to start packing and cleaning my apartment so that rather than having to deal with packing and cleaning at the start of Finals week, I will be able to just load everything into the truck and car and go.

Growing up as a military kid, I have learned quite a few handy packing tricks along the way, partially because we moved every 3-5 years, and partially because we traveled all the time. Here are some of my most used packing tips and tricks!

  1. Pack heavier things such as books in rolling suitcases. Boxes are great, but they can fail, and carrying them can be a royal pain especially if you have packed it full of heavy items. By packing your heavier items in rolling suitcases, you make transporting them easier and safer.
  2. Pack bit by bit. Trying to do it all in one day tires you out. I started with packing things that I know I won’t be needing for a while, such as my craft supplies, my old school work from previous semesters etc.
  3. Create a labeling system for your boxes. I use those cheap colored dot stickers, and I write the number on the dot, each color coordinates with an area of the apartment, and each number is listed in a Excel document with whats inside it. This will make unpacking easier.
  4. If you want to avoid having to unpack and rehang all your clothes, pack your clothes on hanger by using large trash bags! Take the open trash bag and pull it up over your hanging clothes, with the hangers sticking out the opening of the bag, then tie it off.
  5.  Clean room by room. Don’t try to clean the whole place in one day. It gets old quick. I started with my bathroom and deep cleaned it, so now its just maintaining that cleanliness until I move out.
  6. Start fixing little thing around the place to get your deposit back! My roommate used a lot of tacks, so I have been looking at ways to fill those pretty easily. I had some of my paint tear off when I removed my 3M hooks, so I am going to repair those. Pinterest is a great place to look for how to do these things.
  7. Moving gives you a great chance to de-clutter, so while you are packing go through your things and figure out if these are things you actually need and use. Whatever you don’t need or use, you can sell or donate or trash.
  8. If you enlist friends to help, its common courtesy to feed them. Order pizza and get drinks to thank your friends for helping you move.
  9. Create a “first night” box or suitcase full of essentials. Think some clothes, TP, toothbrush, shower curtain, travel size toiletries, and some kitchen supplies so you can cook dinner without having to unpack everything immediately.
  10. Spend the money to get good packing supplies for your dinnerware. Get packing paper, bubble wrap, and good sturdy boxes, and don’t overload any of the boxes. Its cheaper to pack your dinnerware properly than having to buy all new stuff.
  11. Use Ziploc bags to keep any screws and nuts and such from any of your furniture together, and be sure to label the bag!
  12. Take a picture of the way the cords are hooked up for your electronics so its easier to set them back up again. Also be sure to label you cords!
  13. Don’t forget all the little nooks and crannies when cleaning, such as window sills, behind your fridge, around the base of your toilet, inside the cabinets ect.
  14. Make sure to change your address on everything! f345c619289b0362d26393ade305c6b6
  15. Enjoy your new place!!!

Moving is always going be a stressful and time consuming, but I hope that with these tips and tricks it will be a bit more bearable for everyone.

Have a great Wednesday Rockers!


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My Favorite Places to Hike: Stratobowl

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By Lydia Ford

Hey, Hardrockers!

To continue my installment of telling you guys about my favorite places to hike, I’ve decided to write about the Stratobowl hike here on the outskirts of Rapid City. I first became aware of this trail last summer, when I was working as a summer camp counselor for Mines.

Stratobowl is a fairly easy and straightforward half-mile hike, but what makes it notable is the scenery at the end. At the end of this mundane-seeming hike, a historical landmark is nested between the high cliffs that you will find yourself on. In the mid 1930s, the Army Air Corps and National Geographic Society launched manned hot air balloon flights to a then-record of 72, 295 feet. To this day, hot air balloons still take off from the exact same location, and the people in the Black Hills area are able to view their takeoff from this very location. Additionally, detailed historical information is placed around the end of the hike to give excellent background about the historical location.

The cliff that you will find yourself on at the end of the hike perches atop beautiful scenery. Spring Creek loops within the valleys below, and the treeline of the Black Hills is a relaxing and magnificent view, especially at sunset.

I hope you readers will explore this trail soon, since spring is just about in full effect, and summer is just around the corner. Happy hiking!

WiSE and Kiewit Present: Buckskin Mine Tour


By: Kyla Coan

Hey Hardrockers!

I don’t know about you guys, but I have had a really great past 24 hours! A few weeks ago, WiSE sent out an email offering the opportunity to tour Kiewit’s Buckskin coal mine just north of Gillette, WY. Being a mining engineer, I obviously jumped at the opportunity! So here is what went down from when we left campus yesterday at 230, to our arrival back on campus today!

So Kiewit not only offered us a mine tour, but they set it up so we would have a dinner with the head of Kiewit’s mining group the night before, as well as getting to stay in a hotel the night before. Everything was taken care of, which was a huge draw for me. I also wanted to learn more about Kiewit’s mining group specifically and get the opportunity to see their only company owned mine for myself.

As we got on the road we met our Kiewit liaison, Lauren Evans, who has come up to other WiSE events beforehand and is actually based out of Texas. Kiewit had provided plenty of snacks and drinks for the bus ride, as well as 3 movies to choose from to watch on the bus, we ended up watching Interstellar. She made sure to tell us that this trip wasn’t about recruitment, but rather giving students the opportunity to learn more about Kiewit’s mining group, and interact with Kiewit’s engineers to figure out if this was something that we really wanted to do.

Upon arrival at the Ramada in Gillette, I and the roommate I had chosen before hand at our pre-meeting before the trip, Randi Siewald, were given room keys to get settled in and changed before our leadership dinner. Kiewit had the dinner catered through the hotel, and had several engineers in leadership positions from the Buckskin Mine come sit and talk with us, as well as Jay Johnson, the head of the mining group. Jay gave a short, informal speech about his time as a mining engineer, and his time as an SD Mines student. One of my biggest takeaways from this was that the most important thing he learned in school was problem solving, and leadership/management/communication skills, rather than the more technical information.

After dinner our time was our own, so my roommate Randi and I hit the sauna, and enjoyed some of the amenities the hotel had to offer. Since we were due at breakfast at 6 AM, we headed to bed fairly early.

We had to be downstairs for breakfast at 6 AM and then left promptly at 630, to arrive on site at 7. We first had a long presentation, then went down into the pit. After we got done at the pit, we got to tour the shop, and then have lunch with 5 of their engineers that were a mix of civil, mechanical, and mining engineers.

It was honestly a really great experience for me, and I had an amazing time. Everyone we met was really great about answering any questions we had, and Lauren made sure to keep us on track, and informed. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here’s a bunch of shots from my tour!


Beyond Ramen: Creamy Chicken and Rice

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By Lydia Ford

Hey, Hardrockers!

Lately I’ve been sickly, and when I’m finally on the road to recovery, I start to crave comfort food. On my last recipe blog post, I gave you the recipe to Panera Mac and Cheese, and the recipe I’m giving you today is a less-guilty version of one of my childhood favorites: creamy chicken and rice. So without further ado, here is the recipe for a much easier, slightly-healthier creamy chicken and rice casserole.


  • 1 cup organic brown rice and quinoa blend
  • 1 family-sized can canned chicken breast
  • 1 can reduced-fat creamy chicken soup
  • 1 can reduced-fat french onion soup
  • 1 tbsp rotisserie chicken seasoning
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 2 tbsp olive oil


Cook quinoa and brown rice blend according to package directions (this is where I add the 2 tbsp of olive oil for flavor). After the rice and quinoa mixture has been simmering for 10 minutes, add the whole can of chicken breast. Mix well, chopping the chicken as you combine. Add rotisserie chicken seasoning, garlic and onion powder to the mixture. Cover and allow the rice and quinoa mixture to finish its cooking time. Once the cooking time is complete, add the cans of reduced-fat creamy chicken soup and reduced-fat french onion soup to the rice and chicken mix. Combine thoroughly, and transfer mixture to an 8×8 cake pan. Bake the casserole at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. Allow to cool, and serve with a vegetable of choice. Viola, you have a well-rounded meal in under an hour!