Tips to Pack for Your Internship!


By: Kyla Coan

Hey Hardrockers!

With Finals Week rapidly approaching, its not hard to set your sights in finally getting done with the semester and heading off to your internships. I know that personally I am really looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. With that in mind I wanted to offer a few tips for deciding what to pack for your internship!

I am going to be living in a dorm for the summer again, so I don’t need to bring any furniture, and I am only leaving for 3 months, which means I am packing less things that if I was leaving for 9 months again.

  1. Depending on your dress code at your internship (I am working in a coal mine, so jeans and t-shirts are my dress code) make sure to pack at least 3 weeks of clothing. For me this means 4 pairs of jeans, and 21 different t-shirts, as well as 21 pairs of socks and undergarments.
  2. Pack some personal items. I plan on packing a couple of pictures of Cody and I together as well as a letter from one of my best friends, and a couple of my favorite books, and my stuffed snow leopard.
  3. Don’t forget some of your major-related school work! I am packing a lot of school related stuff because I am taking two classes over the summer, but also because I want to have these things to refer back to when necessary.
  4. Ask before you pack. Talk to your POC and see what all the company is providing so that you don’t bring things you won’t need!
  5. Make a packing list ahead of time, and check it twice before you leave. It’s not fun to get somewhere new and realize you forgot to pack socks or your steel-toed boots.
  6. Pack things to keep yourself entertained. For some people this will just be your laptop, I plan on also packing my coloring books (don’t judge me) and possibly some DIY kits.
  7. Don’t forget to pack some non-work clothes.  You might decide on night to go to the movies with your fellow interns, you probably don’t want to wear your heavy boots and your work clothes. Or if you all go out for a nice dinner one night, you might want to get a little fancy!

I hope everyone has safe travels and good luck this finals week!



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