Making the Most Out of Your Weekend

By Lydia Ford

Good afternoon, Hardrockers!

Spring semester is a busy time for everyone on campus, but particularly for the Greek community here at SDSM&T. Spring semester is when we Greeks gear up to initiate our new members, meaning that the active members have a lot of extra activities going on during the weeks and weekends. This week has also been especially busy for my schoolwork, and next week is no different, meaning that I must devote at least part of my weekend to getting ahead or catching up in my classes so that next week isn’t so horrible. Here, I’m going to give you all–Greek and non-Greek–some tips as to how to use your spare weekend time to get stuff done, and still have time for anything else you may want to do.

  • Make a plan for what you need to get done

If you read my last post, I wrote about how to stay up-to-date in your classes, and those tips apply to your weekend as well as your busy weeks. You must be aware of all of the events or engagements you have over the weekend, and use the moments between, before, or after to make sure to take care of your studies. For example, on Saturday, I have a community service project with my sorority that will take up about three hours of my afternoon. Because I know that this time slot is already taken up, I know that I need to get my homework done either before or after this event.

  • Actually do your homework when you say you will

With this point, I mean, don’t tell yourself that you will start your homework at noon on Sunday, and then think “Oh, well I have all day,” and then push it back to 5 pm, and then 7 pm, and then until the next morning fifteen minutes before it’s due. Just hold yourself accountable for actually doing what you say you will, you’ll go far…generally. Which brings me to my next point:

  • Do quality work

Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean that you get to only half-heartedly do an assignment. You don’t get off easy. Just make yourself do your work like its a Wednesday night instead of a Saturday afternoon. You’ll thank yourself for knowing what to do on the next test and for making a decent grade on the assignment.

Thanks for reading! I know I’ll be using these tips throughout the next couple of days, and I hope they can be useful to you as well. Have a great weekend, Hardrockers!


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