A Week in the Life of a Mining Engineering Student!


By: Kyla Coan

Hey Hardrockers!

This week I was asked to do a takeover and give you a look into my life as a mining engineering student, so expect to see a lot of stuff on snapchat (username: sdsmt) and on Instagram (username: sdmineslife)! I will be showing you everything in my life from my classes to what I do outside of school, including my job at Torrid, things I do with my boyfriend, my study habits and more!

Before we get into this let me give you a little background on myself, I am a military brat and I was raised overseas in Germany. My dad is active duty and has been for 20 years, he is currently stationed at Ft. Campbell. I have been dating my boyfriend Cody for over 3 years, and while we don’t live together yet we do spend a good chunk of our time together. I really enjoy cooking, painting, and reading, but I also have a slight Netflix addiction. I also am currently dealing with a wrist injury so don’t worry when you see a wrist brace in the pictures I post. With that, I think we can dive on in!

Tuesday’s are pretty mellow for me, and today is no real exception. I have two classes, underground mining (11-12) and surveying (2-5). Tonight I also have a dinner out with one of my older friends as a late 21st birthday celebration. I don’t have work tonight so once I get done with my dinner I will come home and probably do homework and clean. This week you can expect to see a tour of the Mineral Industries building as well as the Veterans resource center, and my apartment, I will also be attending the football game on Saturday to support my boyfriend in his last football game, and showing you around my job at Torrid! There will also probably be a lot of snapchats and Instagram’s of cute dogs, yummy food, and more!


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